Sober Recovery Treatment and Rehabilitation Center a Co-ed, Non-secular, Non-profit Organization (NGO) has been providing counseling and treatment to victims of drug (alcohol, phammaceutical products & illicit substances) addiction since its founding in 2009.

In addition it also provides counseling and support to victims of HIV/ AIDS.


Good Care

We provide the victims with good care and support so that they can recover soon. Caring the victims is our top priority.


Our strength lies in the indigenous model of treatment that includes an optimum blend of eastern discipline and western philosophy.


Our centre was found with the altruistic mission to spread public awareness about a growing epidemic and the disease of addiction.


We motivate the victims to turn themselves into a productive member of society, who can lead a spiritually meaningful life.

Featured Stories

Anti Drug Day

July 26th, International day against drug
abuse and illicit trafficking was celebrated
by organizing different programs at
Sober Recovery...

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An Addicts Journey

This is a story of a Tsering Wangdu, who
had everything he could have ever needed
in life, prosperous family, loving and caring parents and siblings...

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Us Against Drugs

Sober Recovery Treatment & Rehabilitation
Centre was found with the altruistic mission
to spread public awareness about
a growing epidemic...

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His Holiness of Dalai Lama

We can indicate an excess of highly negative tendencies in the contemporary society. There is no reason to be doubt about the increasing numbers of murders and violence from year to year.

In addition to this, we constantly hear about the brutality and exploitation, both in the families and in the society, and that more and more young people become addicted to drugs and alcohol. Every single person living in a society prone to such influences. Drug addiction among youth, simply did not exist a generation ago, and now there are such cases. But I must say, it mainly happened where young people were faced with the modern urban life.

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Messages of Hope

The road to sobriety is a simple journey
for confused people with a complicated

Tsering Wangdu

The movie starts when the guy gets
sober and puts his life back together, it does
not end there.

Bucky Sinister

The only person you are destined
to become is the person you
decide to be.

Umesh Shrestha